Hotel Bahia Othon Palace Hotel is located in the city of Salvador, about 23 kilometers from the local International Airport. It can be reached by bus, taxi or vans shuttle services. Most international flights to Brazil arrive at the International Airports of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Salvador Airport can then be reached through domestic connections. There are some nternational flights to Salvador, departing from the USA, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Italy and Germany.

Message from the Local Organizing Committee

On 2nd and 3rd August a shuttle service will be available to transfer ICSOS9 invited speakers from the Airport to the Othon Hotel, throughout the day, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The participants are recommended to take official taxis. For instance, the taxi from the companies COOMETAS or COMTAS charges approximately R$ 87.0 (eighty seven reais) for the transport from the Airport to the Hotel Othon (Ondina area). Standard taxis, which are also safe to take, usually charge R$ 70 (seventy reais). People wishing to use normal buses from the airport should ask for buses which goes VIA ONDINA. There are mini buses (with air conditioning) for which the price is R$ 4,00 (four reais) and Conventional buses (R$ 2.00). Conventional buses are not convenient if you have a heavy luggage. The distance from the airport to the Ondina area is about 27 Km and lasts from 40 to 70 minutes depending of the time of the day. There is a bus stop just in front of Othon (and other hotels). You can easily see Othon at the left side of the bus. There are four different conventional lines from the airport to Ondina area: Aeroporto-Campo Grande, Aeroporto-Lapa (via Ondina), Aeroporto-Praça da Sé (Rio Vermelho company) and Aeroporto-Praça da Sé (Central company).


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