Invited Speakers:

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Invited Speaker


Peter Blaha

Unraveling the Structure of h-BN / TM(111) Nanomeshes

Edward Conrad

The structure and Electronic Properties of Epitaxial Graphene Grown on SiC

Renee Diehl

Structures and Thermodynamics of Gases on Quasicrystalline Surfaces

Fernando Galembeck

Detection of Charge Distribution in Insulator Surfaces: A New Model for Insulator Charging

Andrew Hodgson

Wetting and Multilayer Growth on Metal Surfaces

Gary Kellogg

Identifying the Origins of Heterogeneity in Ultra-thin Films by LEEM-IV Analysis

Lawrence D. Marks

Direct Methods for Surfaces with Applications to Oxides

Angelos Michaelides

Towards a First Principles Description of Ice Nucleation and Salt Dissolution

Anders Nilsson

Adsorption, Bonding and Wetting of Water on Surfaces; UHV and Ambient Conditions

Marcos Pimenta

Resonance Raman Scattering in Carbon Nanostructures

Ward Plummer

Manifestations of Broken Symmetry: The Surface Phase of Correlated Electron Materials

Dirk Sander

Surface Stress and its Role for Structural Transitions, Epitaxial Growth and Reconstructions at Surfaces

Alexander Schwarz

Mapping Atomic-Scale Spin Structures on Insulators by Magnetic Exchange Force Microscopy

Philip Willmott

Surface x-ray Diffraction of Complex Metal Oxide Surfaces and Interfaces – a New Era

Qi-Kun Xue

Manipulating Molecular Spins Coupling at the Nanometer Scale

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